From Security Guard to Banker


It happened in a Nigerian bank.  A security man walked up to the Bank Manager.

And boldly told him that he is a graduate and would love to participate in the Aptitude test for the vacant position.

The Boss was so generous and allowed him to write the test. Since, it was an online test, result came just after the test.

Guess, who was the topper?

Yes, exactly.

That security guard was the ‘Best Candidate’ and got the job.

“If you have talent, and you know when and how to grab the opportunity, believe me – You’re and will always be the hero of your own story.”

To me, this is the best thing I came across on Internet today.

The pic shows him on Friday: last day as a security man and Monday: first day as a Banker.

May god bless you all. Keep aiming for the best.

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